Batteries Services

It’s a common analogy to compare the human body to a well-oiled machine or car engine. In similar fashion the car battery can be compared with a heart.

Just as the human heart is responsible for pumping blood around your body and keeping your vital organs working so it is with the car battery. It provides the jolt of electricity your car needs to get going.

If the battery is dead then so is your car. Have a flat battery and you’re going nowhere. It’s the vehicular equivalent to a flatline.

An average battery life is three to five years. But this life span can be shortened by driving habits and exposure to extreme elements.

A common cause of car/van breakdowns is cold weather breaking down the batteries cells.

When buying a battery it’s important you get the right one for your car. If you don’t then you’re likely to get poor performance from it.

We have a range of batteries in stock and they all come with a free battery check. So for battery services in Reading contact FT Auto Services Ltd. We’ll keep your vehicle’s heart pumping as it should.

Air conditioning

Isn’t air conditioning in a car a wonderful thing? Do you remember what it was like in the bad old days of wind-down windows and little else? Well maybe not – depending on your age.

Anyway, you may well realise how fabulous it is to have air-conditioning in your vehicle. But did you realise it loses charge with every year that goes by? And that makes it less efficient.

And you don’t want that when the sun finally makes an appearance do you?

Luckily for you we have a ‘within-the-hour’ air conditioning service and replacement.

We’ll check, top up or replace the refrigerant levels and get rid of nasty whiffs and bothersome bacteria. No sweat.