Exhausts Services

A vehicle exhaust has four main functions:

Exhaust systems are prone to damage from different sources. External bumping or knocking against the exhaust can cause it to become dented or cracked. Or the age of the vehicle can contribute to the exhaust corroding.

Whatever the cause – it needs to be fixed. A damaged or faulty exhaust is not just an irritation. It’s downright dangerous. Toxic fumes may be drawn into the interior of the vehicle. The resulting threat to the vehicle’s occupants needs no explanation and cannot be overstated.

So, to ensure the safety and the health of the vehicle’s occupants and to make sure your car is using being efficient in its use of fuel we recommend:

Here at FT Auto Services Ltd in Reading our exhaust services are exhaustive. We offer a wide range of both new and replacement products including performance systems and catalytic converters.

We’ve got exhausts for most vehicles. Bring yours into our service centre for us to assess and replace if needed.

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